STATE & LOCAL, K-12, AND Higher Ed


Cloud Ingenuity offers the latest information technology products and services to state and local government agencies. Products from Dell, Palo Alto, Juniper, Nutanix, ExtraHop, etc. are available under our various contracts.

Cloud Ingenuity is a HUB vendor on State of Texas DIR, and we are on the TIPS contract as well providing contract flexibility to our customers. Our experience successfully working with Texas state agencies sets us apart, and enables you to have a partner that will ensure the ROI of your investments while improving the productivity of your team.


Higher Education

Universities are the largest growing segment in Cloud Ingenuity's customer base. Challenged with a highly competitive market for attracting students, and with the technology demands of today's students; it is no wonder we are staying busy helping Universities modernization their infrastructure, improve their collaboration, and ensure the success of their systems (ex: class enrollment).

Universities have very large networks, and in many cases bigger challenges than some Enterprises. Cloud Ingenuity is a Texas DIR HUB vendor and on the TIPS contract as well. We have many successful University clients, and the list continues to grow as we understand the unique challenges they face.



K-12 organizations have massive networks with lots of students and teachers to support, and they tend to be under served in the technology space.  Cloud Ingenuity intends to change that. We work with School Districts and we sponsor several K-12 IT Leadership Conferences as we are committed to providing K-12 with the resources that Fortune 500 companies have at their disposal.  Cloud Ingenuity has the expertise, strategy, and resources to enable this for K-12.  We are motivated to ensure that our kids are protected and enabled with technology to ensure a bright future!


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