Cloud Ingenuity's integrated location services mobile application enhances the industry - leading Juniper Wired and Wireless infrastructure solutions. The cloud Ingenuity solution uses detailed location data for an optimal user experience while improving IT productivity leveraging Juniper's best in class AI. The result is transforming your WiFi infrastructure into a strategic business asset.

Modernized Remote Connectivity

Work from home and other market trends are increasing the importance of Wi-Fi.

Organizations become dependent on remote connectivity and modernized Wi-Fi capabilities are crucial for success.

Organizations are embracing this trend and now want to use a user's location or customer's location as a critical indicator to drive business decisions.

Cloud Ingenuity's technical advancements allow businesses to benefit from the data of their user's location while improving user experience and understanding customer needs

Optimum Customer Experience

Organizations are looking for innovative ways to deliver a high-touch experience for their visitors. The Cloud Ingenuity app enables facilities to deliver the following:

Wayfinding for visitors and for end users for a modern, interactive experience

Improved Wi-Fi experience while maximizing the ROI of your investment in Wi-Fi

Accurate people and asset location and proximity data to provide valuable behavior insights

Use cases

Now a student on campus can quickly find their way to class with directions and parking recommendations

A doctor can quickly be located 

within a hospital for emergency surgery which could potentially save a life

Store owners can see which customers visited the store each day and where they spent their time. They can use these results to customize offerings  for customers

Shoppers can alert a sales 

specialist or a manager to their 

location for help

School districts have a valuable tool for fire drills, or active shooter exercises to understand where students are

Location icon

Location becomes a critical business KPI to:

Understand employee/customer location and how it impacts the business

Understand customer buying habits

Enhance end user experience on campus, at airports, or at hospitals for example

Enhance safety and physical security (visitor location or fire drill safety)

Ensuring the security of critical assets

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