Cloud Ingenuity Operational Services are designed to help our clients with lowering their total cost of ownership while maintaining and improving the availability of their technology investments.   As new transformative technologies are added into a client environment, it is challenging to train and maintain adequate technical staff and tools that can help proactively monitor and respond quickly effectively on incidents identified on the system.  Cloud Ingenuity’s Operational service offering aligns with the gaps in the Client's IT organization and provides different solutions that can effectively manage the Operation and Optimize phase of the solution life cycle.  We are here to help you where you need the support!

Engineer as a service

Cloud Ingenuity is changing the game on providing engineering expertise as a service.  For a subscription, we are able to offer an engineer on call at your disposal when issues arise and your resources are either booked, or need technical support.

Please reach out to your Account Manager to learn more about this service if the above scenario would align with your needs.

Wifi As a service

Cloud Ingenuity offers the ability to provide tier 1 support for your WiFi investment.  Our service has been successful at drastically reducing support tickets and the resulting support headache on our clients.  These results have been driven by 2 factors:

1) Technological transformation with a next generation WiFi Solution

2) Cloud Ingenuity's expertise with WiFi install, operationalization, and support

Please reach out to learn more about this potential operational service.  We offer additional operational services and can adjust based on customer demand, so please do not hesitate to contact us based on our potential operational needs.

CLOUD INGENUITY is here to fill gaps in resourcing Needs to ensure your projects get done!

Why Operational Services?

  • Ensure project timelines with the required expertise specific to your project needs

  • Scale resources up and down based on your project demand

  • Add technology expertise where you have gaps based on your technology investments 

  • Have "one throat to choke" on your projects that involve multiple OEM's

  • Ensure the operationalization of your IT investments

  • Minimize Risk

  • Continue to focus on innovation and transformation while CI handles operationalizing your investment