Network Modernization

Network modernization

With technology changing at a pace faster than the Industrial Revolution; keeping up is very hard, but the advantages lead to improved productivity, speed to market, and ultimately improved profitability.  Whether leveraging SDDC to automate provisioning across your enterprise (Multi Cloud, Data Centers, Remote Users), Network Segmentation for compliance, SASE to benefit from "infrastructure as code", or DRaaS for rapid recovering and back-up; Cloud Ingenuity can partner with you to achieve the benefits of these technologies.

Cloud Ingenuity also has the expertise to help operationalize these investments.  The people change can sometimes be harder than the technology change, and we are here to help.  We have helped customers through this transition to overcome both the technology changes and the people changes in adopting these technologies.

Today's network is very different than yesterday's.  leveraging automation to simplify this complexity while benefiting from the new technology is a competitive business advantage!

network segmentation

Compliance, Control, Access

Today's modern networks are only becoming more complex.  The benefits of this complexity are agility, speed to market, and reduced costs; but again this is not making IT's job any less complicated.  

Network segmentation is a modern way to address many of these complexities.  Whether quickly segmenting your environment for compliance due to keeping PCI information separate from the rest of your environment, or wanting better access control across your multi-cloud environment; network segmentation provides value to security, infrastructure, and compliance teams.  This yields business value across all IT business units!

Cloud Ingenuity's experts can help you plan for, implement, and operationalize this powerful technology to modernization your network!


Disaster recovery as a service

With the SaaS explosion; it was only a matter of time before disaster recovery (DR) joined the party!  Now you have the ability to leverage the speed and agility of cloud in order to ensure your IT environment is always prepared for disaster.  Recovery can now occur in minutes vs. hours or days, so whether a massive outage occurs or you need rapid recovery from a ransomware attack; you have the power to quickly respond and recover.