It's time for a simple, agile, smart multi-cloud. Cloud Ingenuity starts by helping you build a strategy from migration plan, to automation strategy, to cost transparency, and to selecting your cloud management platform for your multi cloud environment.

Cloud Ingenuity can then help you build a customized multi cloud solution so you can enable stakeholder's success by automating IT Service level objectives and frameworks around applications. All while automating reclamation and security application policies centered in line with your IT governance and compliance strategies. 

Lastly, we provide you the tools needed to ensure your cloud resources perform securely, so the business receives the best service levels while minimize business risk. We also give you the insight required to manage your costs across multi-cloud environments, so you achieve business agility and ROI.

Your business is asking you for cost effective solutions that are agile, innovative and easy to use. Cloud Ingenuity can help you define your cloud strategy, and optimize the infrastructure and applications with automation.


Cloud Fails Without Automation 

A Multi-Cloud strategy only succeeds with best-of-breed automation at the core.  Provisioning, ticketing, reclamation, etc. all needs to be built into a process to ensure optimal success in cloud and business agility for speed to market.  Cloud Ingenuity's automation experts help to create and execute on your automation dream. We understand your current ecosystem and develop a strategy of automation and orchestration leveraging our code to integrate your environment for driving your critical business processes.

Below is an example demo showing Cloud Ingenuity's automation engine illustrating how we can setup your environment for automated server provisioning with controls and approvals all integrated.  


Cloud Ingenuity will work with you on choosing the right platform to address your needs from hypervisor selection to cloud management platform. And like public cloud provider decisions; many times a multi vendor approach is the best solution for our customers. We have the expertise and know how to help you setup the right foundation for success in your cloud journey. You start with an automation strategy and then leverage a cloud management platform to drive policies and ensure success.

Our experience and expert services will enable you to:

  • Improve agility, responsiveness and efficiency 

  • Transform IT service delivery and accelerate innovation 

  • Automate Disaster Recovery and for continuous availability 

  • Leverage workloads in any environment to maximize ROI and TCO

VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu


Investment transparency is a must when utilizing a multi cloud strategy.  Many fail with cloud adoption as they have no insight into spending and they do not implement the controls to ensure their investment.  Executives want to avoid the problem of shadow IT, which leads to investing on resources you are not using, but implementing cloud without this insight leads to the same problem.  You must have insight into your spend, and you must have a streamlined reclamation process, ideally one that's automated.  One platform to manage your cost, ensure your controls and approvals, all while ensuring optimal use of resources is something Cloud Ingenuity works with customers to achieve.



Next Generation Storage Build For Hybrid Cloud

Multi cloud strategies are on every CIO's plate in terms of their go forward strategy. Organizations depend on modern storage, data infrastructure, legacy and cloud-based applications, and cloud storage, as well as unstructured data management and platforms with multi cloud. Unstructured data is becoming a pain for companies wanting to move to cloud or leverage a hybrid-cloud model, as this kind of data creates a new data silo. 

The IT department suffers as a result. It becomes overwhelmed to manage workloads in two different file systems: the one on their premises and one in the cloud.

As you move to multi cloud; your approach to file storage needs to change as well. You need software built for the hybrid cloud, allowing it to run on pre-configured and pre-qualified industry standard hardware platforms, as well as natively across multiple public clouds. Cloud Ingenuity helps you achieve this vision with our partners.



Bring the value of cloud scale to database administration

Database as a Service is fast growing market.  Save costs with the on-premise overhead and gain ease of use and management.  Scalable, affordable solutions are coming to market and disrupting this concept in a positive way for our customers.  Contact your Cloud Ingenutiy Account Manager to learn more about our expertise in this area.