With all the technological advancements continuing to come to market; enterprise visibility is becoming much harder to achieve.  Transformation is a must, but with cloud and SaaS comes complexity.  IT must have the ability to continue to provide a highly available service with increased complexity and frankly less people.  Leveraging a partner with experience and resources to help you achieve this vision and chose the right technology becomes highly important.

Providing your staff with the right technology is essential in operationalization.  Cloud Ingenuity partners with our customers to achieve enterprise visibility across your entire enterprise (cloud, data centers, remote users).  We leverage our "best of breed" partners to provide complete solutions to customers who want to continue to modernization their networks, but also not lose the insight and control they require to ensure the performance of their critical applications, devices, and users.  Doing this right means your team becomes more proactive and frees up more time to continue to innovate vs. just trying to stay afloat.


Enterprise visibility

"you can't manage what you can't see"

As you transform your approach to IT, you have to ensure that you can see across your entire enterprise in order to ensure your end user's experience.  Transformation without visibility is like buying a brand new top of the line car without the built in proactive diagnostics to let you know when something is wrong.  IT has to have the insight to continue to ensure performance and control of your entire landscape.

Cloud Ingenuity partners with customers on enabling IT to continue to provide a best of breed service post transformation.



Complete passive visibility into your network for rapid triage of performance issues. Packet and protocol level visibility with proactive machine learning watching for changes in performance. Ensure the performance of your network and the critical applications that run on top of it.  

Cloud Ingenuity customers see ROI with this approach in the form of improved productivity, less downtime, and overall improved end user experience.

AI Ops & network Change 

next-generation network mgmt

Apply an algorithmic approach to contextualize and search a real-time data lake that can speed an operations team’s identification of root cause and remediation of incidents. Gain advanced automation capabilities, run-book automation, predictive capacity management, automate incident management, and CMDB accuracy.

Cloud Ingenuity can help you simplify network management and finally become proactive and innovative in the good fight of IT Operations!

EUE for Saas Applications

understand the performance your saas investments

The SaaS-ification of the enterprise is growing at a rapid pace.  0365 is quickly becoming the new standard for email, CRM is now almost always SaaS, and even EMR applications are being delivered as a SaaS service.  So while I'm sure IT is happy to stop having to run on-prem exchange servers; they are still ultimately responsible for user experience and therefore need insight into performance.  The dynamic is different in that their job is to proactively know of issues, and quickly prove whether the problem is their network or device, or that service provider's backend though you have no visibility into the backend any longer.

Cloud Ingenuity works with our customers to address this challenge that comes with the modernization of their enterprise as they move to more SaaS based applications.  We can help to deliver the insight needed to quickly understand who is the owner of an issue with irrefutable evidence reducing the time to resolve an issue, and preventing wasted cycles back and forth with your providers.  Again, transformation or modernization that results in poor end user experience is a FAILURE!


wifi doesn't have to be a management nightmare any longer

Transforming your Wi-Fi solution into a strategic asset is a must as the experience has a big impact on your brand and employee productivity.  Students on a campus, or your customers at one of your locations; all judge your company based on their experience.  Ensuring the best experience possible requires insight into what devices are on the network, who's seeing slower performance vs. the norm, and most importantly the security of knowing who's on your network.

Cloud Ingenuity works with our customers to ensure that they have the ability to manage their environment post Wi-Fi Transformation.  If the user experience suffers post transformation, the project is a failure to the business no matter how great the technological change!