User Experience is top priority

Improve productivity, enhance user experience, and enable business growth.  Collaboration offerings that help drive a positive experience, with one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing.  Whether designing conference rooms, or enabling remote lecturing for students, or outfitting work from home users with headsets; leveraging a fully integrated solution for all delivers the best user experience possible. 

Businesses have to enable a massive scale of remote users in today's world, but still maintain control and security.  With the power of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) you will change the way people work across your enterprise and your entire business ecosystem.  Your employees can connect, communicate and collaborate no matter where they are, using almost any communication device, leveraging any application; on a standardized, resilient communications platform.

Cloud Ingenuity can enable you to streamline business processes, increase productivity, optimize workforce communications and collaboration, all at a lower total cost of ownership.  We provide an end to end solution from devices, to collaboration software, to VDI and EUC, to implementation and training.  We help you transform your user's experience!


Transform End User computing

End User Computing (EUC) is a must in every organization, especially with the rise of work from home.  Many companies struggle with managing multiple platforms, the strain of upgrades on resources, hardware costs associated with upgrades, and even maintaining security standards across this environment.  There is a solution to transform your EUC offering that solves all of the above and that does not require you to replace your existing VDI solution.

Cloud Ingenuity is working with customers to help drive improved productivity, better user experience, improved security, and while reducing hardware costs.  We have worked with several customers on 7-figure ROI's tied to hardware savings when upgrading from Windows 2007 or upgrading Windows 2010.  Our customers leverage this next generation OS to use their existing hardware, upgrading their OS, and gain centralized control and management from one platform.

Virtual Desktop Strategy

Best of breed multi-solution design

Customer have many options when it comes to virtual desktops and the right approach.  Cloud Ingenuity's approach is similar to our vision on cloud, multi-vendor.  To execute properly on that strategy you have to think about the end to end solution, built integration into your plan and evaluation requirements, and have a team that can execute on the operationalization across all the involved solutions.  

Cloud Ingenuity has the expertise to help you achieve this vision.  From design, to solution selection, to implementation and training.  Our experts have deployed this approach at Fortune 100 companies, and Cloud Ingenuity can partner with your team to bring this experience to your project.


Whether you've already implemented your own collaboration software, or are evaluating deployment of a new collaboration solution, our consultants can help you make informed decisions starting with a complimentary software audit.  Cloud Ingenuity is your complete solution provider by offering:

  • End to end design services from user to application to virtual infrastructure to backend

  • Messaging migration and implementation from dial tone services to platform (ex: Teams) to full Contact Center solutions

  • VDI upgrades, implementations, modernizations

  • Windows migrations and cost saving designs centered around capital savings 

  • Headset strategy, selection driven by use case, solution acquisition, and end user training

  • Implementation of UCaaS from strategy, to solution selection, to implementation

By providing all aspects of a solution, including industry-leading software, hardware and services; Cloud Ingenuity is ideally qualified to help you solve even your most daunting business challenges around user engagement.  Tailored solution offerings are available in many areas focused on improving your business user's experience and productivity, improving the productivity of your IT staff in ensuring optimal performance, and ultimately providing the most innovative solution while yielding the best ROI for the business.

Customer success story
The University of Texas at Arlington contracted Cloud Ingenuity to help improve their student experience and drive student collaboration while staying within the communication standards established by the University.  Cloud Ingenuity partnered with Microsoft Teams as the best platform, and leveraged our expertise to help with the design, implementation, and training.  The result is happy students, and a happy Cloud Ingenuity customer!