“By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin 

The lack of solid project management is the first misstep toward failing at operationalization!  Many OEM's do not offer project management with their services, and most partners do not offer real-world project management services to cover this gap.  Cloud Ingenuity leverages the experience of our CEO and SVP of Delivery from their days working in Fortune 1000 environments as executives executing on multi-million dollar initiatives.  Our delivery function is build around their experience and bringing this successful approach to the masses.  We created this company with the sole focus of 100% customer satisfaction and driving business outcomes yielding increased ROI, improved security, or improved agility for speed to market.  Staying on time, focused on the end goal, and driving collaboration with effective and efficient project management is a big first step toward this value!

Cloud Ingenuity’s project management services provide project leadership and technical talent customers need to keep projects flourishing while on-time and on-budget. Our team performs meticulous project management services to ensure our delivery teams meet the specific needs of our customer projects, while your team continues focusing on their day jobs. We always include a dedicated Cloud Ingenuity Project Manager to keep tasks, communication and projects on track by providing the skills needed at the right time to ensure the successful completion of project deliverables.  It sounds so simple, but the difference in outcome with successful project management vs. without project management is vast.  The goal of every IT investment is ROI and adoption, so the importance of getting off to a great start is immeasurable.  

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” 
– Abraham Lincoln

Strategic Direction and Vision Service

Cloud Ingenuity can also provide your company with our IT Leadership Expertise for hire. Our former C-Level and VP of IT executives can leverage their experience on your behalf. Whether you need a plan for implementing an Enterprise Architecture strategy, strategy for driving business transformation, or you are wanting a virtual executive while you find the right fit for your organization; Cloud Ingenuity can help! The quality of our people separates us from the market, and our people are here to help your organization accomplish your business goals.

project management of oem services

Many OEM's do not offer project management services.  When they do, they usually have their PM's stretched too thin or they do not have real-world experience with the projects they are running beyond just installation and initial setup.  Also, many times complex projects involve multiple vendors and having a single point of contact to hold the others accountable becomes highly valuable.  Cloud Ingenuity has worked with many organizations to aid in driving the successful completion of critical, complex projects.  Our team has performed this job in their previous organizations from the view point of the investing customer, so we really are an extension of your team.  Our projects with customers finish on-time, and under budget as we are very meticulous in our approach and execution.