Next Generation Pen-Testing

Pen-Testing is a common requirement for compliance regulations like HIPPA, PCI, or the compliance required of being a State organization or University. Problems with traditional pen-testing includes delays in scheduling qualified resources from vendors, or having a new pen-testing resource perform the work each time as a requirement by the regulators. Also, pen-testing of old is a point in time exercise and would provide much more value if this behavior was more on an on-going practice.

These reasons are why Cloud Ingenuity partners with Bugcrowd to offer Next-Gen Pen-testing. Please contact us if you would like to learn more, and understand how we can help address your pen-testing requirements as a service.

security Assessment

Service Offering To Understand Risk 

With the explosion of SaaS and Cloud; trying to understand your attack surface has become a difficult task. Many CISO's still tell us they lack the most basic understanding of their entire environment in terms of who's accessing the network, and what technologies are out there.  Pair this with the rise of Ransomware and Supply Chain attacks; and the need to proactive threat hunt on the network becomes vital!

Cloud Ingenuity will provide a 60-day assessment of what's on your network and the associated risks.  Discovery of devices, a complete network scan against several hundred detectors looking for common practices and current attack vectors, and lastly a behavior driven analysis watching your environment for 60 days looking for IoCs and anomalous activity.  

SOC Assessment

SOC review with modernization 

Many SOC's struggle with data overload or not enough resources with the time or expertise to leverage the valuable data at your finger tips.  Cloud Ingenuity brings security expertise to our customers with the goal of modernizing your SOC, consolidating your SOC, or providing guidance for building your next generation SOC.  

Cloud Ingenuity has also partnered with customers to work on the concept of combining their NOC and SOC strategies together for improved productivity and cross-training leading to a larger security talent pool and improved collaboration.